Yes, we do. The channels inclued with our package are: AAPKA COLORS, AASTHA, ANDTV, SAHARA ONE, SONY HD, SONY SAB, ZING, SONY TV ASIA HD, STAR PLUS HD, ZEE TV HD
Yes, we do. We recently started accepting Reseller applications. Depending on how many accounts you project purchasing every month / quarter, you will either fall under our "Distributor" or "Dealer" tiers. We invite you to sign up, it's 100% FREE and there are no obligations.
Yes, we do. Although our International line-up is not very strong at the moment, we have programming in: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, and more. We're constantly working on adding new channels so be sure to check back for periodic updates.
Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, with a software 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. In a nutshell, KODI is an add-on which can be installed onto your Desktop/Laptop Computer or any Android-based Set Top Box running off Linux or Java. KODI is 100% FREE and through that, you can get access to installing 3rd party plug-ins to watch your favorite Movies, TV Shows, Sports Events, International Programming and much more!
Unfortunately not, sorry. We focus on Movies, Sports and Family-oriented content only. We want our viewers to have peace of mind knowing that it's 100% safe to give your kids access to viewing programming on LiveGo :)
We cover EVERY major North American event, including: UFC, WWE, TNA Wrestling, Boxing, etc. and have minimum 4 feeds setup at any given time which can support 100,000 users on each. We guarantee you will not experience any freezing, lagging or buffering.
Please make sure that your Android Set Top Box's hardware acceleration is turned "ON". This is a setting within KODI or the unit itself. Another issue you may run into without hardware acceleration, is simply seeing a black screen and hearing the sound from a stream without any picture.
First off, make sure your upload/download speeds are strong and you're on a good high-speed connection. Sometime by being on a shared WiFi or DSL, you can experience a lot of freezing/buffering when too many people are on the same network as you; and unfortunately, this isn't something we can prevent. Secondly, be sure to use Google Chrome and not any other browser (unless you're viewing feeds through our KODI app). If for any reason the problem persists, reach out to our Support Dept. and we will troubleshoot the issue with you.
We only recommend Google Chrome. Anything else will cause intermittent issues.
Try refreshing the page if the stream doesn't load on your first try. If that doesn't help, ensure your wireless connection is very strong so as it can handle downloading a live stream.
This is an intermittent problem which occurs when our gateway fails to connect with one of our banking partners. For your security and privacy, our partners are based overseas, therefore at times we experience connectiity issues between their back-end and ours. Just report the issue to us through our Contact Page and one of our support advisors will have the matter addressed promptly.
Make sure you have the latest version of our app installed. If you're trying to access our app from another wizard or repo, you will need to contact the author and ask them to help you troubleshoot. Make sure they have the latest version of our KODI app in their wizard/repo as well. Click here for more info.
This error will often show up in Mozilla Firefox or older versions of Internet Explorer. We reommend downloading Google Chrome for viewing our streams. You will not experience any difficulties as our feeds and media player are both optimized for use with Chrome.
Yes, we do! Simply click here for full instructions explaining how to install the app on your Android-based Set Top Box, or Desktop/Notebook computer. Scroll to the very bottom of the page to download the app.
Yes, we do!  LiveGO  prides itself on having great channels for the entire family.  For children we have favorites like Nickelodeon UK/USA, as well as Cartoon Network and a few others.  For the wife we have great entertainment channels like USA Network, Syfy, E!, Food Network, HGTV, Home Shopping, TNT, TBS and many others.  We have done lots of research before putting together our product and as such we are able to meet the needs that any customer may have.
We sure do! We have thousands of Football (Soccer) subscribers from all around the World that praise our service, just based on our ability to broadcast every 3PM English Premier league game without any interruptions! Our broadcasting partners for such games include; NBC Extra Time, TSN, Sportsnet, BelN Sports, BT Sports, and more!  
Absolutely NOT! In fact, you can PERMANENTLY kiss those hefty Cable and Satellite bills goodbye. Our service is an IPTV alternative to what the broadcasting companies force you to pay big bucks for. We've managed to successfully transmit our IPTV technology straight onto your television via KODI and other similar open-source applications which are powered by Java (Android). 
We are a Web/Mobile based IPTV solution that offers live streaming of some of the most popular American, Canadian and European channels, along with every major sports package and pay-per-view event. We have created a KODI extension of our service which can allow you to access our streams on ANY Android-based Set Top Box. Our streams are in full HD (1080p) and our servers are capable of handling excessively large amounts of trafficand ensuring your television viewing remains uninterrupted.
We make things simple by offering ONE convenient and affordable package at £14.90 per month. This gives our clients access to every single channel on our network, including weekly upgrades and add-ons.
No, you're not. If for any reason you're not satisfied, you can cancel your subsription at anytime and we will disable your account. There are no hidden fees or contracts because we're 100% sure that you will not only remain as a loyal customer of ours, but also refer your friends and family.